A Pakistani movie ‘Azadi’ Review

A Pakistani movie ‘Azadi’ Review

The Pakistani movie named as Azadi was recently released on June 16, 2018, worldwide in cinemas and many people going to watch this movie, some liked it very much but mostly the feedback that is being taken from the people is not good. The reason is not that the movie has some flaw but the reason behind not great success is the wrong timing of the launch. As this movie was released on Eid-ul-fitar, on the same day 2 other Pakistani movies were released that were 7 Din Ki Mohabbat and Wajood

So there was tough compition between them. The cast of the movie was very talented like

Moammar Rana played the role of Azaad

Mariyam Khalif played the role of Child Artist

Sonya Hussain as Zara who played the role of a Pakistan British journalist who became in love with Azaad

Nadeem Baig played the role of Azaad’s father

The story of this movie was based on the Issue of Kashmir. People of Kashmir want freedom from the Indian and they have gone through many hardships. This movie was directed by Imran Malik and the producer of this movie was also Imran Malik and his brother Irfan Malik. This movie was distributed by ARY Films. The budget of this movie was Rs 1 crore and did the business in Box Office of almost Rs 6.4 crore till now. According to tribune this movie is more drama and less reality. Similarly the rating of this movie on IMDb is of 6/10.

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